The Rise in the Popularity of Memorial Jewellery

Posted by Valerie Blount on

Memorial jewellery is not entirely a new concept. In Victorian times it was popular to wear jewellery such as lockets containing a lock of hair from their loved one but have you noticed that over the last few years memorial jewellery has increased in popularity?

The internet has made it possible to get the message out and there are many designs and types of jewellery to choose from, ranging from ashes fused within glass to ashes made into diamonds.

Last year I was asked by a friend to make her some Memorial Jewellery which contained the ashes of her husband. As my jewellery is produced with melted wax I agreed to make a pendant for her by adding ashes to the wax.  It was very successful and my friend was really pleased with the result. So much so that she asked me to make another for her mother in law and cuff links for her sons. 

I was so pleased to be able to make the jewellery for my friend. As I result I have now decided to offer the service as part of my range. I can add ashes to any of my pieces and can produce pieces in any colour. I can also produce double sided pendants with a photo or message on one side and ashes within the wax on the front.  I have not put individual prices but prices generally start at £70.                                                 


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