Bee Remembered Ashes Memorial Jewellery

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Bee Remembered Memorial Ashes Jewellery is available at Ian Charles Jewellers in the delightful courtyard in Central Court Bridgnorth. Our memorial jewellery is one of a kind in the fact that each piece is hand painted in beeswax and the ashes are sealed within.

When a client makes an order, they have a consultation in our office with our talented designers. This provides a comfortable and safe environment for them to discuss their ideas for their keepsake including the style, the colour and the precious metal that they want. We have lots of different styles for them to choose from and we can make the keepsake in any style that matches their requirements. With the beeswax we can make any colour that they want. The keepsakes price range starts at £140 onwards depending on the weight of the metal and the detailing needed.

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Ian Charles Jewellers
Unit 4 Central Court
Bridgnorth Shropshire
WV16 4DB

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