Val B's Wax Shrewsbury Showcase is in Pride Hill Shopping Centre Shrewsbury

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Val B's Wax Wholesale Website

Val B's Wax Wholesale Website. Val B's Wax Jewellery has now been established 5 years . (Celebrations to Come). Meanwhile the business is moving onto yet another chapter by opening it's first Wholesale Website.                           Stockists can browse a much wider range of this exquisite jewellery which is set with cabochons handcrafted with beeswax. The jewellery is suited to the Higher End Specialist Gift Market such as Heritage Gift and Museum Shops and Higher End Jewellers. Created in a very unique way,  the manufacturing process can be seen at the Val B's Wax Shrewsbury Showcase at Pride Hill Shopping Centre Shrewsbury. Current stockist include Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh,...

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My Amazing Shrewbury Showcase

  It's now been over three months since I opened my Shrewsbury Showcase. Every day I feel so fortunate to have found the perfect location to show my unique jewellery to the public.  This week I started phase two of my Showcase which was to open up display space in all of the wonderful windows and free up a larger area in the shop to display my ever growing range.   This means that I can now continue to add more collections, more colours and more styles. There is no limit. As long as I continue to get inspired my  range continues to grow.     You can see my unique jewellery in the following locations: Val B's Wax Shrewsbury Showcase...

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The Rise in the Popularity of Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is not entirely a new concept. In Victorian times it was popular to wear jewellery such as lockets containing a lock of hair from their loved one but have you noticed that over the last few years memorial jewellery has increased in popularity? The internet has made it possible to get the message out and there are many designs and types of jewellery to choose from, ranging from ashes fused within glass to ashes made into diamonds. Last year I was asked by a friend to make her some Memorial Jewellery which contained the ashes of her husband. As my jewellery is produced with melted wax I agreed to make a pendant for her by adding ashes to the...

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Successful Jewellery and Watch 2018 for Val B's Wax Jewellery

I recently took Val B's Wax Jewellery to Jewellery and Watch 2018 at the Spring Fair NEC Birmingham. It was very well received attracting many buyers who said they were really drawn to the beautiful, colourful images that are unique to Val B's Wax Jewellery. They were intrigued to learn that the stunning imagery trapped within the glass cabochons is in fact tiny works of art created in melted wax using a unique process that I developed only three years ago and that the process is unique to Val B's Wax Jewellery.                                                         ...

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